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Luxury Suite apartment is the well-furnished and well-decorated accommodation. Here you get the better experience of the traditional Nepalese Hospitality. The Luxury Suite Apartment is the best apartment in kathmandu where you get the real taste of Nepalese culture and diversify nature with an amazing blend and mixture. It is a delicious mixture of the texture of nature and culture. Luxury Suite apartment (LSA) allows you to enjoy the beautiful forest and the amazing views of the surrounding hills circling Kathmandu valley.

Luxury Suite Apartment is located in a beautiful location to the north of Kathmandu valley. The beauty of the apartment is more colored with the evergreen beautiful forest on the backside. The Apartment is an amazing place to look up the beautiful uprising Swaynbhunath temple. The apartment also allows you to enjoy the round views of the entire Kathmandu valley.

Waking up with the beautiful birdsong and sunray and making the breakfast with the amazing Kathmandu valley views wherein one side you see the amazing views of the hilly side shining with the sunlight and another side with the sound of the bells and voices of prayers chanting the holy mantras. In short Luxury Suite Apartment, LSA is the best place to stay far from the crowd but near the center Kathmandu and experience the beautiful and hearty traditional Nepalese Hospitality.