Eco-Friendly Environment

The peace of mind is possible with a clean and natural environment. When you stay within the environment full of natural things, peaceful surrounding, no crowed, no any stress and noise, you find a very peace of mind.
While you are traveling to a new destination or far from your home, you most need peace of mind for the incredible vacations and accommodations and that is only possible with the luxury accommodation or stay within the eco-friendly environment.
Luxury Suite apartment lies at the place far from the crowd, far from noise and in the clean and clear atmosphere. The apartment is located just near to the crowdie heart of Kathmandu city but the environment of the Suite is so peaceful.
One side of the apartment, just near the backside zone is the green hills and forest and another side is Kathmandu city. What more you need if the one side is the enlightening city and another side is the full natural place.
Luxury Suite apartment is luxury apartment in eco-friendly place where you find everything like your home with the traditional Nepalese hospitality. If you are a sustainable tourism supporter then Luxury Suite apartment is the best place for sustainable tourism.
If anyone asks why Luxury Suite apartment?, then we say because Luxury Suite apartment is the best homestay where you get the services and facilities as qualitative as of any 3-star hotels in Nepal and more important in Eco-Friendly Atmosphere. Luxury Suite apartment is the best due to the qualitative luxury services and facilities.