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While traveling to new corners of the world that’s new and unique with the distinction to your home environments, it is best to explore that place with the assistance and guidance with information of the person local to that place.

Luxury Suite Apartment is a locally owned and operated apartment. All the operations are conducted under the supervision and monitoring of the locally operating team. We want to provide you the experience of Nepalese hospitality with first-hand experience through the locals. LSA is the best apartments in Kathmandu for your sojourn. The experienced local teams and the luxury services and facilities with quality makes Luxury Suite apartment one of the popular apartments in Nepal. With the professional working style, we are being more famous suite apartment in Kathmandu.

While you are in Nepal, the benefit of luxury apartment accommodation in Kathmandu is that you have a fully locally operated hospitality with traditional Nepalese style. Either guesthouses, homestays, or apartments are generally operated by the local teams. They use local resources and human sources to facilitate the guests and clients. And the benefits of the services and the facilities through the hand of locals are that you have more information, more Nepalese style and more Nepalese cultural spirituality in your Nepal Visit experience and that will be enough to make your Nepal visit a Lifetime Experience.   
Luxury Suite Apartment not only operate with the local teams but also its business partners, market partners, alliances are also local teams (some are international as well to expand the business).  We do so because no one knows better than the locals, they born, grow up and live with the local society which gives them lots about the place and the destination.