Luxury Suite Apartment (LSA) is a newly established and branded apartment providing great luxury accommodation and delicious meals within the natural and eco-friendly atmosphere. LSA provides guests a lifetime experience with the quality services and facilities in a family environment. Luxury Holidays Nepal has a great arrangement of rooms that are as facilitated as of 3 Star hotels in Kathmandu. Our Rooms are as luxury as of the deluxe hotel in Nepal. 
The location where the Luxury Suite is located itself makes your stay more great and more awesome. The apartment is in a peaceful environment far from noise, and far from the crowd. It is located on the lap of the Nagarjun hill. the green forest of the hill provides fresh air and gives a natural experience. One side, there's a beautiful viewpoint, Swaynbhunath temple known as The Monkey temple. It is also one of the UNESCO World Heritage Site in Kathmandu as well. the distance between Swayanbhunath temple and the Luxury Suite Apartment is just 2.5 Km. the balcony of the rooms and the suite always greet the guests with the great views of White Gumba (White Monastery), Singletree hill, and other more show-stopping viewpoints and the best destination near Kathamndu.  
Tourist traveling Nepal and Kathmandu wants to stay at the center of the city but the peak seasons restrict them from getting the best accommodation. In such a case Luxury Suite Apartment is the best alternative providing you accommodation as of 3 Star hotel in Thamel or Kathmandu. 
Our rooms are facilitated with the number of services and facilities. Rooms have air conditioners to provide an always pleasant warmness. For entertainment, there is a free internet facility with high definition television. Bathrooms and restrooms are always clean and neet with hot and cold water as well as necessary toiletries. every Rooms or suite has a balcony from where you can admire the beauties of the city and surrounding best places in Kathmandu. The Apartment has a car parking service as well. some rooms have also Kitchen.
Luxury Suite Apartment has Single Suite RoomDouble Suite Room, and Apartment Suite Room.

  • Luxury Suite Apartment
    5% OFF
    $ 30 29Per night

    Single Suite Room

    Luxury Suite Apartment is a great place to spend your Nepal stay with the 3-star hotel-like services and facilities. Our rooms are fully furnished with great design and well decoration. In such a great room, Luxury Suite apartment (LSA) has ...


  • Double Suite Room
    20% OFF
    $ 40 32Per night

    Double Suite Room

    The Properties of Luxury Suite Apartment are better as of many 3 star hotels in Kathmandu. It has well-furnished rooms, clean floors, and a healthy family and home-like environment where you get the experience of traditional Nepalese hospitality. Luxury Suite Apartment ...


  • Apartment Suite Room
    20% OFF
    $ 60 48Per night

    Apartment Suite Room

    Luxury Suite Apartment is the best homestay  in nepal for everyone seeking a home-like environment with quality services and facilities. Luxury Suite apartment (LSA) gives you an experience of luxurious accommodation in a peaceful family environment in traditional Nepalese hospitality. Apartment ...